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Experience the next level of saber technology with our latest soundboard upgrades SB 2.0.
These enhancements are designed to amplify your experience by delivering superior sound quality, adding more effects, and ensuring more responsive swings.

Lightilight 3-in-1 15w Foldable & Portable Wireless Charger
  • Made For dueling

  • Infinity Modifiable Lights Colors

  • Laser Synchronized Sound (SMOOTH SWING 2.0)

  • Rechargeable Battery With 5 Hours of Autonomy

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2-Year Warranty

Own developed soundboards 2.0 (SB-V8 & SB-V7)

Smooth Swing 2.0

Infinity Blade Colors

Premium 3W Speaker (3 Audio Channels)

Ergonomic Hilt Designs

High-Quality at an Affordable Price

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Our new V8 PIXEL sabre is a very advanced sabre compared to the V7 sabre, the two sabres work differently. The V7 saber is an RGB saber, this means that the light source is located in the handle, using the light projection inside the blade with the help of a reflective film, the light spreads in all directions inside. The new Sabre V8 PIXEL have about 280 Micro LEDs inside the blade, so we can better control the light effects in any area of the blade. Also, the V8 Saber has a 3 dimensional motion sensor, so most of the controls are done by gestures and buttons. For more details, please see the product page of each saber.

Yes, our SABNEO™ sabers are made to withstand Fights, the blade is made of tough Optical Polycarbonate, it also protects the user (no debris).

Yes, Our sabers are sold with a complete kit (USB charging cable, blade and a clamping tool). You will get a free connector with the purchase of two, so you can assemble them together.

We will send you a user manual in English to explain all the features (change color, volume, sound effect ...).

Yes, we offer a free warranty for 1 year for all electronics (worth 14.99 GBP). In case of problem, you contact our customer support by clicking on the help tab, we will analyze the situation together and we will send you a replacement part if it's really defective.

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