$160.99 CAD

Unveiling the SABNEO V7 RGB 2.0 LUNAR, an evolution of the iconic V7 WARRIOR saber, now with even more stunning features.

Immerse in the symphony of sound from our unique SB-V7 RGB 2.0 soundboard, offering triple simultaneous sound output, and brought to life by a top-tier 3 watts speaker.

Witness the magic of infinite colors and smooth swing 2.0 with accent swing, transforming every maneuver into a light spectacle. The SABNEO V7 RGB 2.0 LUNAR comes loaded with an array of dazzling light and sound effects for an epic galactic experience.


If you buy 2 sabers or more, you will have an additional 10% discount on your entire purchase!

SABNEO goes above and beyond the competition, creating and building our own exclusive sabers. We take pride in our specially-made soundboard and finely crafted hilts, setting new benchmarks in saber technology.