$64.99 CAD

Experience the power of sound with the SABNEO Saber Soundboard SB-V7 2.0. This high-quality soundboard, unique to our brand, raises the bar in saber audio technology.

Our soundboard boasts 3 simultaneous channels, surpassing the industry's standard of 2, allowing your saber to emit 3 unique sounds concurrently. This elevates the auditory atmosphere, making every duel more immersive.


The SABNEO SB-V7 2.0 comes equipped with a premium 3-watt speaker, delivering unparalleled audio quality that outperforms any lesser alternatives. Along with diverse sound and light effects and our advanced Smooth Swing 2.0 technology, your saber swings will never have felt more authentic.

Rest assured with our 1-year warranty guaranteeing the quality of our product. Discover the difference with the SABNEO Saber Soundboard SB-V7 2.0, where sound and power unite!

10 Sound effects
3 Light effects
Infinity color change
Smooth swing 2.0
Gesture control
Flash on clash